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Post by =mYh=Truth on Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:16 am

Right I've also sent this as an email to the people it evolves, but this goes out to all members. The recent posting on the forum has been for want of a better word shit. I am not suggesting that every post has been shit just the majority. People are posting in the wrong topics, conversations are going off topic and people are making a joke of serious topics. People are editing posts and take advantage of English skills. I am not going to name names but everyone is guilty of something. Me, Evo and Happy work our nuts off trying to keep this clan alive, not because it’s on the verge of dying but because we want the best for our members. We decided to add to our admin teams to help strengthen it all.

Happy will not leave as my co-leader, his powers remain as so the reason being he is writing a formal apology I suggest you all act your age and not your shoe sizes and accept his apology.

Ibetrollin was banned for the right reasons, I recently banned someone from the forums and the reason I gave, for being a twat. Does this mean I must be banned from the forums? No he was being a twat so I told him he was.

The jokes went too far. All of them did, people where hurt and given abuse this was wrong and I will speak to each member involved.

In =mYh= we look for the mature, and we hope to encourage maturity from the ground level up. If someone calls you a name you find offensive on the forums then you tell me or Evo. If it’s regarding me then tell Evo, if it’s regarding Evo tell me. That’s the mature thing to do not to edit posts or reply with a harsher comment. It appears that I was wrong to trust you all to follow forum rules so as of now I'm going to have to censor words, delete post's etc. If you want me to make this a childproof site I will, I work with children so I know how to treat them.

We face such adversity, we're tried and tested on a daily bases. People from other clans want to see us die and disband. People hate =mYh= for misguided or untrue reasons. LET’S NOT FEED THEM MORE CRAP! I sign on to the forums so that I can get away from children not be greeted by them again. I understand some are younger then others some speak better English then others so I know some behavior ill differ from member to member BUT IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM YOU ALL HAVE MY XFIRE.

What ever problems people have with each other IT ENDS NOW. We are a family, a brotherhood, we're supposed to fall out it makes us stronger. This is not an excuse tho.


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Post by =mYh=CodKill'Z on Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:58 am

Amazing speech sir!!!

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