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Guide to being an admin.

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Guide to being an admin. Empty Guide to being an admin.

Post by =mYh=Truth on Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:43 pm

=mYh= clans guide to being admin.
Hello administrators of =mYh=, this is your guide to being and admin on the forums, there are videos on being an admin on servers but none on being admins on forums so I hope this helps.
When you’re made an admin you will be given the opportunity to lock topics, edit topics, moderate topics which will mean you can move topics or delete the entire topic. However just because you have these powers does not mean you can use them without permission, if at any point you feel that a entire topic should be deleted then please let me (Truth), Evo, Happy or Gulla know about the topic. In the meantime post on the topic in question saying “Topic locked pending further Investigation” and then lock the topic. If none of the admin team are online then PM each of the members or click report post. By reporting post’s I will get a PM saying ‘Topic Reported’, this will lead me directly to the topic. Do not report just any post though, reporting a post is only for sever rule breaking topics.

In regards to abusive post’s we must take into consideration people’s friendships and humour, what some people find funny, others may find offensive. New members may see peoples jokes and think that this may be a ‘bashing topic’ and either join in causing arguments or be put off from posting so as admin it is down to you to decide what is acceptable funny and what may be thought of as abusive of bullying. The first thing you must do is establish whether or not the post in question is wrong. First ask what the poster means by their previous comment, if the author replies with more abuse reply by giving them a warning. Again if the abuse continues and if it’s a serious breach of the rules then copy and paste each post they made into a PM on the forums. Now lock the topic saying “Topic temporarily locked pending further investigation”; then let one of the admin team know and we will investigate it.
As a last resort if the topic is of serious abuse, this being racist, or picking on/ bullying an individual or group then you have the power to delete the post, however you must copy and paste the post’s you delete and send them to me, Evo, Gulla and Happy.
In regards to moving a topic this must be thought through, if the topic is in the wrong place for example “Joe Bloggs application” and it’s in any other place rather than the forum application then move it. If it’s a topic regarding a sig and it’s in the artist area rather than the sig area then you don’t have to move the topic.
Also being admin you may be asked from time to time to complete an assignment whether it be research, making something, posting a topic etc. All we ask is for it to be done asap, we understand that some people are really busy and it may not be done that night but the joy of being admin is delegation, this means you can pass the job onto somebody who can do-it. Sometimes however a certain job will need to be done by you so be careful with job delegation.
Hopefully this should help with your day to day running of certain jobs and will hopefully help clarify certain areas where you might not have known what to do.

Many thanks =mYh= staff.

Guide to being an admin. Newsigcopy


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