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Post by =mYh=Truth on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:58 am

To apply for our elite team of snipers you must have certain qualities, we will spectate you ingame and give you feedback, we will then judge whether or not you deserve a position in our clan.
To help us make these decisions please copy this template below and make a new topic under Application with your name, paste these details and fill it out.

If you are lucky enough to be accepted into our clan then proceed to copy the final application to the final application section of the forum.
Thank you
=mYh= Staff


Your name?(Real life name if you dont mind):

Your Screen/name Cod4:

Xfire Name?:

Where are you from?..(Dont worry we are not pedophiles):

Are you Male or Female?..(If female please contact our technical manager on +44776894... jokes..Very Happy):

PLEASE, is there a possibility that you could Donate via paypal to maintain our servers?:

On Average how many hours a week do you play?:

What are your favourate Gametypes?:

Do you Play League of Legends?..(if so whars your username?):

Do you Play any other Call of Duty Games?:

Can you speak English Properly?:

Can you Type in English Properly?:

Do you have a Microphone and are you willing to use it?:

Skype Name (if you have it)?:

How old are you?:

Are you sick of these questions yet?:

[Critical Question] Do you like Justin Beiber........(*cough* "say no" *cough*):

Do u have any Video Editing Skills or Photoshop skills?:

Do you have any Webcoding Skills or administration skills?(PLEASE specify):

Have u ever used a forums? (You must be active on the forums):

Joining =mYh= means you have to be positively motivated and have a good attitude and bond with our family, you must also stay active on our forums posting as often as possible are you up for it?:

Now heres the big one.. Do you think you have the balls?:

Kind Regards,
(Your Name here)

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