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Lilly's apply

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Lilly's apply Empty Lilly's apply

Post by Lilly on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:04 am

Your name?(Real life name if you dont mind): Lilliana Marková

Your Screen/name Cod4: Lilly

Xfire Name?: lillybomb

Where are you from?..(Dont worry we are not pedophiles): Czech Republic .)

Are you Male or Female?..(If female please contact our technical manager on +44776894... jokes..Very Happy): Female Very Happy

PLEASE, is there a possibility that you could Donate via paypal to maintain our servers?: no, im sorry

On Average how many hours a week do you play?:i doont know i think i play every day....

What are your favourate Gametypes?: I PLAY SNIPERS and SEARCH AND DESTROY

Do you Play League of Legends?..(if so whars your username?): no what's that ? :O

Do you Play any other Call of Duty Games?: yes Call of Duty 1 Very Happy

Can you speak English Properly?: I think it's not problem for me

Can you Type in English Properly?: Yeaa Smile

Do you have a Microphone and are you willing to use it?: No i dont have it

Skype Name (if you have it)?: i haven't skype

How old are you?: 18... whyy ? Smile

Are you sick of these questions yet?: no.... it's funny

[Critical Question] Do you like Justin Beiber........(*cough* "say no" *cough*): No but some tracks aren't bad

Do u have any Video Editing Skills or Photoshop skills?: noooo

Do you have any Webcoding Skills or administration skills?(PLEASE specify): No

Have u ever used a forums? (You must be active on the forums): Yes, sure

Joining =mYh= means you have to be positively motivated and have a good attitude and bond with our family, you must also stay active on our forums posting as often as possible are you up for it?: Sure

Now heres the big one.. Do you think you have the balls?: No... im not boy ! Very Happy


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Lilly's apply Empty Re: Lilly's apply

Post by Zenith on Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:14 am

Thanks for making a tryout application! Please add these xfires and wait till we organize a tryout for you.

(* being unnecessary)

Also, put this name up in game so we can spot you in the server =mYh=Lilly|Rct and check the member list/ranks under 'Advancement' for the xfires of all our clan members.

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